What'S The Definition Of Binge Drinking?

October 12, 2018

The actual amount of alcohol you need to drink in a session for it to be classified as binge drinking varies depending on who you ask, but the standard definition is roughly 8 units of alcohol (around 3 pints of strong beer), and 2-3 units of alcohol for women (around two large glasses of wine) consumed in a short time frame.alcoholic are far from accurate, and in the real world, binge drinking is better defined by the level of intoxication than the amount of alcohol. ... Read more …

Notions On Alcohol Consumption In Our Daily Lives

October 9, 2018

When we consider alcohol or alcohol dependence, the first thing that pops into our thoughts is that it is damaging and ought to be kept away from.The first thing that comes to our mind is that it is negative and requires to be kept away from when we believe about alcohol or alcohol dependence. People ingest drinks for many different reasons, and if they do not step back at the correct time, it can trigger alcohol dependence. ... Read more …